Reid Associates have extensive experience in all aspects of residential planning.

Planning Applications

We advise and liaise with client, architect and the planning authority in the application process.
Our objective is to optimize the chance of achieving a satisfactory permission for the client.
Planning input is important in all applications, particularly where there are difficulties anticipated.

Planning Appeals
Reid Associates have a specialist expertise in planning appeals,  acting as advocate, orchestrating the appeal strategy, presenting the case on behalf of individual applicants, third parties, developers and or other organisations, leading the case at oral hearings.  Reid Associates understand the process and offer bespoke advice to suit the particular case.

Advices re - Planning Legislation
Reid Associates has a long established reputation in advising regarding compliance with planning legislation.
In many cases, advices by Reid Associates have saved time and money for clients - e.g. in a recent case where a purchaser queried the compliance with planning regulations of some alterations to a property, the client was initially advised to apply for planning permission for retention of these changes. The ensuing delay would have resulted in the sale falling through.

On examination we drafted a planning opinion setting out the facts of the case and the relevant interpretation of the law having regard to recent case law demonstrating its compliance with the exempt development provisions of the Planning Act.

The sale went through - in the current market loss of such a sale could have had serious negative impact on the client.